Shakila Myesha Putri Iskandar

Hello everyone, my full name is Shakila Myesha Putri Iskandar. I am usually called Myesha.I was born in Bogor, Indonesia in 2018. I am currently 6 years old. When I grow up, I dream of becoming a doctor. Currently, the activities I like are drawing, gymnastics and dance. When painting, I like nature and human … Read more

Tvarita Poddar

Exploring Boundless Creativity: Tvarita Poddar’s Journey into the World of Mixed Media At just three years old, Tvarita Poddar emerges as a budding mixed media artist, fearlessly delving into the realm of creativity with her colorful palette and boundless imagination. Unrestricted by conventional norms, she explores diverse textures, hues, and mediums, offering a fresh and … Read more

Sofia Möller Skog

My artistry is based on my fascination and humble respect for nature. With my art, I wish to share my experiences with nature and make people engaged. As both being an artist and biologist, my aim is to stir up emotions, for the art as well as our duty to maintain the biodiversity and environment … Read more

Maya Stigner

Maya Stigner

I am a mixed media artist from Leicester, with a studio now based in West Yorkshire. All of my art is influenced by both my English and Indian cultures and the natural world. This series of bumblebee oil paintings reflect both cultures; the Three Queen Bumblebees are native to the UK and Europe and the … Read more

Happy New Year to Our Community on ‘Our Earth’

2024 New Years

Here’s wishing everyone health, wealth and happiness in 2024. Put these dates in your diary to attend our 2024 event ‘Our Earth’: 22nd March 23rd March 24th March Now, how to get involved before then! We’re kicking off the new year with two competitions, both of which are free for those age 18 and under. … Read more

Summer 2023 Workshop Highlights

Mask Showcase

We had a fantastic summer. Thanks to all those that attended our workshops, it was great to see new faces and some familiar ones too. At one of our final workshops, ‘Poetry in Spinney Hill Park’ our workshop leader Dr Sabrina Mei-Li Smith created a collaborative poem with sections from all the participant’s poetry. Here … Read more

Sergey Dobrunov I am Sergey Dobrunov, born in Lugansk. I am a master of arts and crafts. My specialty is glass painting. In my work I use glass, oil paints and ink. I’ve participated in many exhibitions around the world. Through my work, I want to transfer knowledge and understanding of the world to posterity. I … Read more

Our 2023 Summer Workshop Programme has arrived!

2023 Summer Workshop Blog

This year we are being funded by the Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation, through their ‘Reaching People Environmental Fund’. Through our research last summer, we learned that we could reach a wider audience by offering other forms of art workshops to accompany our visual arts offering. Therefore, this year, alongside visual arts workshops led by … Read more

A Celebration of Biodiversity Closing Party

A Celebration Of Biodiversity - Closing Poster

A Celebration of Biodiversity is coming to a close on the 15th April, and we’re going out with a bang! Our closing party is a celebration of the success of the exhibition and the project in its entirety. We’re going to enjoy the evening in style with a delightful array of musical treats presented by … Read more

Biodiversity Open Call Exhibition & Workshops

‘Bee Free’ by artist Judit Prieto

A Celebration of Biodiversity concludes with our Biodiversity and Climate Themed International Open Call Exhibition! If you’ve been following us on social media you will have heard all about this. If you haven’t, please add us on Instagram and Facebook! We had many high-quality entries from all around the world and have now informed all … Read more