Shakila Myesha Putri Iskandar

Shakila Myesha Putri Iskandar


Hello everyone, my full name is Shakila Myesha Putri Iskandar. I am usually called Myesha.I was born in Bogor, Indonesia in 2018. I am currently 6 years old. When I grow up, I dream of becoming a doctor.

Currently, the activities I like are drawing, gymnastics and dance.

When painting, I like nature and human themed images the most. In a virtual exhibition organized by the Insecta Collective community, I drew a painting entitled Bird Migration. I paint on canvas using acrylic.

I decided to paint bird migration because it relates to the theme of the exhibition, namely climate change.

Migratory birds are considered bioindicator species and can be used to identify the environmental impacts of climate change worldwide.

Understanding the impact of climate variations on bird migration is critical to making decisions that help raise awareness among the general public regarding the specific impacts and importance of global warming.

Shakila Myesha Putri Iskandar's Works


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