Sofia Möller Skog

Sofia Möller Skog


My artistry is based on my fascination and humble respect for nature. With my art, I wish to share my experiences with nature and make people engaged. As both being an artist and biologist, my aim is to stir up emotions, for the art as well as our duty to maintain the biodiversity and environment of Earth. I love to embroider those things you might not see at first glance if you don’t take your time to stop and explore the surroundings with all your senses.

Since we live in climate crises and I don’t want to waste unnecessary resources, I mainly work with reused textiles and degradable natural fibers and yarns. I like the idea that one can be able to wear some of the art, symbolizing my close connection to nature. I love working with vintage wool berets being the starting point and canvas. It limits the size of the artwork but is also a wonderful and tactile base where the embroidered nature comes alive.

Sofia Möller Skog's Works


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