Mask Showcase

Summer 2023 Workshop Highlights

We had a fantastic summer. Thanks to all those that attended our workshops, it was great to see new faces and some familiar ones too.

At one of our final workshops, ‘Poetry in Spinney Hill Park’ our workshop leader Dr Sabrina Mei-Li Smith created a collaborative poem with sections from all the participant’s poetry. Here is the outcome.

This Morning at Spinney Hill Park 24.08.23

This morning, the birds
were sitting enjoying the
breeze – a cool, crisp breeze.
Curled branches – tall, gnarled, thin trees.
Loads of branches.
Walking through Spinney Hill, I
realised I parked too far.
A bee scared my mother, loudly.
I got slapped by my brother
because of a yellow car.
We roll down hill, gravity pulling –
grass and sticky sap cling
and stick my hands together.
I look up at the big, bright blue sky
And the sun.
This morning, I was thankful
For the shelter the trees gave us.
This morning, I see leaves falling –
sycamore seeds twisting and turning
in a slow dance to the ground.
I smell the tree sap.
I walk up and down Spinney
Hills in the blazing hot sun.
This morning, the sunshine
pierces clouds and
illuminates trees in a
million shades of green.
Two squirrel tales race
the dark evergreen.
Like two children
playing tag.
Birds flap their wings
to fly far ahead.
Spinney Hill is an
escape from
the city.

Dr Mei-Li Smith
Dr Mei-Li Smith

Here are some photo highlights from our workshops and events across the summer. We’re already back and delivering classes for the home educated community, at Manor House. We’re planning a summer workshop programme for next year, and another open call exhibition. So, keep checking back to see what you can get involved in.

Liz Handmade Journal
Liz Dyer | Lead Artist
Our lead artist and director, Liz, demonstrating how to bind a handmade journal in Castle Gardens on a Nature Journal Walk during the fabulous Re/action Festival.
Drawing Flowers
Event Participant
A participant carefully draws flowers using a book for reference during one of our Nature Journal Walk sessions during the fabulous Re/action Festival.
Mask Showcase
Masks Workshop Participants
Participant’s final masks (with Liz and Shama on each end in their masks!) The families who attended all worked so hard to create their masks, and the results were fantastic.
Saffron Heath Outdoor Class
Young Participant
Our new favourite venue, Saffron Heath, was a fantastic space to explore nature sounds and song and dance, with workshop leader Caroline Rowland. We had so much fun in and around the outdoor classroom.