Acorn Tree Sculpture Featured

Our Outdoor Workshops and Upcoming Events

So far, we have held two workshops in local Leicester parks. The first was in Braunstone Park, after warming up, we discussed pine trees, observed images of common British trees, and participants were asked to collect pine cones. Whilst observing the trees all around us, we walked over to a majestic, old oak tree and spent time foraging for other leaves, sticks and natural materials in the woodland nearby. Once collected we worked as a group and used the materials, including lots of freshly fallen acorns, to create a large, tree like shape in the grass. One participant decided to add a person to the picture, and another created a 3D tree sculpture beside the oak tree. Amazing work!
Acorn Tree Sculpture
At our Abbey Park workshop we studied pictures of the art work of Andy Goldsworthy, before observing the colours and variation of fallen leaves all around us. We collected lots of leaves in a range of colours and attempted to emulate Goldsworthy’s work. However, this proved to be very difficult as the wind kept blowing away our carefully placed leaves!
Leaf Tree Sculpture

We still have a number of free family workshops left for you to attend. Next up on the 8th October 2022 is a frottage and grattage workshop at Fosse Recreation Ground on Fosse Road North. During this workshop, participants will make their own handmade book of a series of rubbings and scratchings they have taken in the park.

We have two wonderful workshops at Melton Country Park Café coming up, during the October half term holiday. On 15th October we will be running a collage workshop and on the 18th an insects printmaking workshop. There are two sessions running on each of these days at different times, and at the time of publishing this blog post, still space to book on. You can book onto any of our workshops by clicking on this link to complete an application form.

On 22nd October we will have our final workshop of the year in Western Park, where participants can create their own autumn crowns using recycled card and fallen natural materials. We look forward to seeing you there!