Sergey Dobrunov

Sergey Dobrunov


I am Sergey Dobrunov, born in Lugansk.

I am a master of arts and crafts. My specialty is glass painting. In my work I use glass, oil paints and ink. I’ve participated in many exhibitions around the world.

Through my work, I want to transfer knowledge and understanding of the world to posterity. I want to show the beauty that in our world. I look for inspiration in nature gardening, in the beauty that surrounds us.

Sergey Dobrunov's Works


Horse (2023)

Glass oil, 20/30.


Sailboat (2023)

Glass 30/40, oil.

Lugansky Baibak

Lugansky Baibak (2023)

Glass oil, 30/40.


Landscape (2023)

Glass 20/30, oil.

Sergey Dobrunov's Videos

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