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Our Earth: Open Call Exhibition

Terms & Conditions / Guidance & Information

This exhibition is open to all artists, of any age and ability.
The only requirement is that work entered has an Earth theme related to climate, nature or biodiversity.

The exhibition will be presented virtually in a 3D, online gallery (accessed via web browser, from anywhere in the world). All artwork submitted will be considered for our virtual exhibition. The virtual exhibition will be screened live at The Highcross Shopping Centre on the following dates: 22nd. 23rd, 24th March 2024.

How to Enter

To enter your work you must complete the relevant application form, pay the submission fee if over 18 and upload your artwork in the appropriate format within the application form.

You must title your image files in the following format:

Your initials, underscore, title of work.

For example, Robin Smith submits their artwork, titled ‘Fallen Leaves’. They would title their file: RS_FallenLeaves.jpg

Preparing your artwork for submission

Use web-optimized JPG files for your artwork if possible. Alternatively save as standard JPG.

Scale your files to a size of 900 to 1500 pixels on the longer side – Our limit is 3MB per SINGLE artwork, try to stay well below. If your work doesn’t fit well into 900 x 1500 pixels, please centre it onto a suitable plain background colour in the stated size. Any issues with resizing your work? Please let us know when you are submitting.

Resolution: 72 dpi.

Please crop your images appropriately. The angles should be straight and the photograph taken in frontal view of the artwork or straighten this with image editors such as photoshop, pixlr or gimp. Alternatively, scanning work is even more effective. Depict the artwork as large as possible in the photograph; Avoid background scenery: you want to have the artwork and not the rest of the room it was photographed in.

Capture an even illumination when photographing your artwork. Reflections on shinier areas should be avoided as the light in the virtual galleries is very even.

Artwork should not be captured framed, as a digital frame will be added during the virtual gallery hanging.

Sculpture should be captured against a plain, neutral coloured background and will be exhibited within a frame during the virtual exhibition, although described as a sculpture in the label.

Acceptable Media

Acrylic, oil, watercolour, original prints of any media, photography, mixed media, collage, assemblage, drawings, pastels, sculpture. Please email us to submit video artwork.

Information for Schools & Colleges

Please complete the application form for schools & colleges. You can upload one piece of work by up to 15 students onto one application form. If you would like to enter more than 15 students, please complete multiple forms.

The student name, age, images of artwork, artwork titles and medium will be publicly displayed in the virtual gallery. The school name and a brief description of the entry may also be displayed. No other individual student details will be publicly displayed at any point during the virtual exhibition.

Core dates and deadlines

The deadline for submitting all artwork is Monday 4th March at midday. Work submitted after this will not be considered for the exhibition.

All entrants will be notified by Friday 15th March as to whether your work will be included in the exhibition.

If your work is selected you will be invited to attend our exhibition opening event at Highcross Shopping Centre, Leicester, on Friday 22nd March. Times will be confirmed closer to the date and sent via email.

Our virtual exhibition opens online on Friday 22nd March. This can be accessed via our website and social media. The virtual exhibition will run until Friday 20th April and be accessible to all entrants of the open call and the general public throughout this time.

Submission fees

Those age 18 and under will not be charged to enter the exhibition.

Costs to submit your work for those over 18:

One piece of work – £5

Two pieces of work – £10

Three Pieces of work – £15

By entering your artwork, you are not guaranteed a place in our virtual exhibition. All artwork will be subjected to a judging process and you will be informed via email whether your submission has been successful.

Credit card payment on our webform is processed securely via Stripe payments. We cannot accept any other form of payment at this time. Payment will be subject to a small processing fee from Stripe, which Insecta Collective CIC have no control over.

Sale of Work

Artwork can be listed for sale or not for sale. We will display the artist contact details in the exhibition and provide them to potential buyers where requested. Sales of artwork must be arranged privately between the buyer and artist. Insecta Collective do not take any commission from work sold.


The public will choose four winners overall, two from the 18 and under category and two from the over 18 category. These four winners will have their work printed in our 2024 biodiversity & climate ‘zine and become featured artists on our website.

Artwork will be judged by a panel including Insecta Collective Directors and local creative practitioners.

Funds raised through entry fees will contribute to a future program of events run by Insecta Collective CIC.

About Us

Insecta Collective – Immersing the community in the wonders of flora and fauna through the medium of visual art.

  • We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves creatively.
  • We know that the climate crisis will be the most significant challenge facing us all in the future.

Insecta Collective is a not-for-profit Art and Climate Action organisation based in Leicester, UK. More information about us and our members can be found on our website.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the Our Earth Open Call Exhibition, please do not hesitate to contact Liz via email: